Well, we had the rain in May so everything in the garden should be rosy!  Shame the weeds are having a hayday too!

We have a Social Work student in Charnley House, Dan is with us for his 30 day placement.  Always interesting to have a new face in the house and he’s settled in really well with the team.

The first cruise on the New Horizons Canal Boat from Maple was this month, we were so lucky with the weather.  Not exactly bikini weather but at least it was a dry day.  Ice lollies all round from the ice-cream van at Poynton Marina.

The students on work experience from local highschools are continuing.  We support the Tameside EBP programme and accept students when we can.  Caring is a tough job (and some students are better than others) but we hope all our placements gain from their experience of working in a residential care setting.

We also offer congratulations to carer/domestic Chantel and family for the safe arrival of baby Jordan on May 11.  Hope all’s well and Jordan is progressing nicely.