Apologies, apologies for the lack of news from us.  Still not sure what’s happened, my computer gremlins have been working overtime!  I’ve tried to update this site regularly but my efforts have been in vain.  Obviously doing something wrong to post my attempts and they just disappear!!

Hard to believe it’s the end of August already, shame about the weather.  We enjoyed being outside when it was nice in June and July and made good use of the patio.  The trips on the New Horizons Canal Boat were successful, we sailed four times and were lucky with the weather on all sailings.

The NVQ training is doing well, all 3 current learners have completed, another carer has just started the induction for Level 2.  It’s encouraging to see so many staff interested in furthering their knowledge and job awareness.

The entertainers and Theme Days have continued, the residents enjoy participating and seeing staff out of uniform and it’s a bit of light relief for the staff.  A happy home is important to us, shared laughter is a tonic for all.

And congratulations to 3 members of staff with new additions to their families.  Chantel, Amina and Ash all have new little girls in their lives.  Congrats to them and their familes from all of us at Charnley House.