My apologies for my non-appearance here, I think we have gremlins!  Either that or my typing ability is too slow for the website tolerance.  I’ve tried 3 times to update at the end of the month, only for my efforts to disappear in the never-never webland.  So, fingers crossed, here I go again.

Our IIP re-assessment was due earlier this month and I’m very pleased to say we have been successful again.  The assessor was new to us but she put all the staff she spoke to at their ease.

December has been a busy month, with the Belle Vue Brass Band, St. George’s Nursery class, Rev. Wilson and professional entertainers all being in-house.   The extreme weather cancelled our Christmas party as the entertainer was unable to get to Charnley House so the staff entertained instead.  What we lack in talent, we more than make up for in enthusiasm!!

We now have 2 staff off on maternity leave.  Congratulations to Amina on the safe arrival of her baby boy this month and best wishes to all the family.  Chantel is still waiting!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and hope 2010 will provide the recovery the world is waiting for.

All the best.