Ria, our Social Work student from Salford Uni completed her 30 days placement this month, at the end of her 1st year. We’ve enjoyed having her on the team and I’m always pleased when we can change someone’s preconceptions about residential care homes.  We wish her all the best in her future career.

The 3rd outing on New Horizons was on July 24th and the weather was perfect if you were a duck!! However, ice creams and lollies are a treat no matter what the weather. It would be great if when I make the bookings in January, I could also book good weather!! “Hawaiian Beach Day” was July 31st and good fun.

All staff on duty dressed for the occasion, even the entertainer wore a very “quiet” shirt. The residents participate if they wish but always enjoy seeing the staff out of uniform. Caring is a hard job so the theme days provide a day of fun and extra laughter for everyone as well as raising funds for the Residents’ Amenity Fund.