In an industry such as social care we have to make sure we are providing the best care we possibly can be.  As such we take advice from various bodies such as NHS teams, Social Services, other social care providers and academic bodies.  We are keen to adopt what we can and are always striving to improve on our already fantastic levels of care.

We only really know how well we do when we have third party inspection.

One of the bodies that regularly inspects Charnley House and other social care providers is the CQC.  The CQC are responsible for inspecting all health and social care providers (both NHS and private) nationwide and they certainly have a big job to do.

Here at Charnley House we had our last inspection in October 2013 and after feedback from the inspector and the CQC we are very happy to announce that we have passed all requirements with top marks!  We are very happy with this, and really reflects very well on our staff and the care which we provide.  This goes hand in hand with our Enhanced Quality status from Tameside Council, and our Preferred NHS Supplier status as a marque of top quality.

It feels like not a post here on the Charnley House blog goes by without me thanking our fantastic staff, and this post will be no exception.  To all the people who work at Charnley House and make it a great place to work, we would like to say a heart felt thank you to everyone.

There is always rooms for improvement and we will always continually improve.

If you want to read Charnley Houses CQC report please click here.