Our first trip out on the New Horizons Canal Boat was April 30th  and fortunately the weather was ok. It’s such a peaceful trip and hard to believe you’re on the edge of a major city, esp. when the gorgeous bluebells are in bloom on the banks of the Macclesfield Canal.  Unfortunately the icecream van wasn’t at the winding hole so we had to forgo the treats.

Our CQC inspection on May 12th went very well, we met our new inspector as the previous one had retired and are pleased to maintain our “Good” rating. Congratulations to all the staff, we really do try hard to provide a happy and caring environment for all our residents.

Some of our ladies had a browse at the clothes party by P&B Smith on May 19th, another party is planned for nearer Christmas.

“Cowboys and Indians” on May 28th was a fun day, with the Wild West theme being a success. Even the entertainer joined in the festivities and dressed as John Wayne.

We’ve actually managed to get outside a couple of times this month, with lunch out on the patio and all the garden furniture in use. Great to have some nice weather!