We are proud of offering some of the best dementia care in the Tameside area, by providing comfort and familiarity in Charnley House.  Recent studies have shown that those with dementia benefit from expressing their caring side and connecting with those around them.  This is a part of the “Feelings Matter Most” initiative.

We are continually striving to improve our care and as such we have brought in a reminiscence area complete with baby dolls, baby clothes and blankets for the residents to be involved with.  Dementia is a horrible disease and we have found that this tactile involvement, in a colourful environment, can help residents engage with their past, their friends and families.  This promotes a sense of well being and help residents feel at home.  Being busy and occupied helps us feel that life is worth living and child care is a major part of life that many of our residents can associate with.

We have also spent a lot of time investigating the Tameside area and as such we have built up a trove of photographs and replications of documents from the 1940s right the way through to the 1990s.  We have put all this information in reminiscence books that residents, staff and their families are welcome to browse and read through and remember the local area how it once was.  We have had many interesting conversations about who people were in various photographs and how Hyde used to be.  We are also planning on putting more pictures on show of the local area around the home to help people feel at home.

Dr David Sheard of  Dementia Care Matters has done a great job in highlighting dementia care on the national stage (you may have seen him on TV or heard him on the radio!) talking about how we can always improve the quality of life for our residents.  The NHS and the health and social care sector are adopting various initiatives to continue to improve dementia care.

There are plans for the new year too, including some changes to our outside areas and as we’ve previously written, our continuous decorating.