A residential care home differs from other work-places because not only is it a place of employment for many people, it another persons’ home.  Therefore, in meeting legal duties and regulations there should be recognition of the need to maintain a homely, non-institutionalised environment.  Here at Charnley House we provide care in a home-like setting, and have decorated the property in an appropriate way.

People in residential care homes will have various degrees of dependence and therefore differing needs.  Having a flexible approach to the guidelines should not be seen as lowering standards but as leading to more relevant and appropriate care tailored to the needs of the residential group.  We treat people as individuals, with individual and varying levels of need.  These needs may change over time and we make sure that our care changes accordingly and as needed.

Residents should be offered as much choice a possibly about the way they run their lives even when this may involve risks to themselves.  It is normal for people to take responsible risks and residents in residential care homes are entitled to do the same.  Being overprotective may result in undermining their personal rights.  Residents who feel competent to undertake certain activities should be free to do so.  However, the emphasis is on the word responsible.  Residents should have or be given adequate information on which to base their decisions and their actions should not endanger others.

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