Charnley House appreciates the importance of medical care for the elderly.  As such we have fostered and developed good working relationships with local GPs, District Nursing teams, pharmacies and local hospitals.  Our staff are NVQ qualified and experienced carers.  We make sure that our procedures and policies are inline with best practice.

We offer medication services here at Charnley House, in that we can help residents with medication, we can also help with mobility, eating, dressing and using the toilet.  We appreciate that resident’s needs are individual, and we tailor our care plans accordingly.  We can arrange doctors and nursing visits to the home along with all the other care we provide.

All our residents have access to all their own NHS services, from GPs, district nurses, social workers, prescription fulfillment, etc.  Dependent on the care plan for the resident we can arrange for visits from GPs and other health professionals.  We can ensure that visits from health professionals can be conducted in private and we are available to help.

If a resident needs to attend an outside appointment then we will organise appropiate transport (ie ambulance, taxi or dial a ride) and a carer is made available to accompany the resident to help if required.

We are a care home for the elderly as opposed to a nursing home.  The main difference for people in care and looking for care is that nursing homes have nurses on staff and on call 24 hours a day.  Bear in mind not all elderly people require full time nursing care, and that very often a care home provides all the requirements for quality of life and quality of care.