Expressional Art at Charnley House

Expressional Art at Charnley House

We at Charnley House are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives and welcome the involvement of our residents, families and friends.

We have the opinion that each resident has the capacity to make their own decisions unless proved otherwise.  The capacity may change daily or from one decision to another.  Staff are able to assess on an individual basis whether a resident has capacity and assist them in making decisions, thus promoting independence.

We aim to provide a total range of care, in collaboration with all appropriate agencies to meet the overall personal and health care needs and preferences of our residents.

The care we provide is based on the thorough assessment of needs and the systematic and continuous planning for each resident.

We aim to maintain our high standards of progressive training at all levels of our staff and management.

We want everything we do at Charnley House to be driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our residents and not by what staff, management or any other group would desire.  We recognise how easily this focus can be affected and we will remain vigilant to ensure that the policies, facilities , activities and services of Charnley House remain resident-led.