Quality of Life at Charnley House

Quality of Life at Charnley House

Charnley House strives to be a happy place where residents are encouraged to have as high a quality of life as possible and live as full and active life as their physical and mental condition will allow. Management and Staff will assist in the achievement of these most important aims and objectives.

Residents are encouraged to make decisions regarding themselves. If necessary, assistance will be given in carrying out the decision. This may entail the acceptance of a degree of risk by the resident.

Residents who wish to continue with their individual interests outside the Home will be encouraged to do so.

The presence of personal possessions is extremely important and all residents are encouraged to bring with them as many possessions as can be safely accommodated in their rooms.


Charnley House will enable the residents to make their own decisions as far as possible. Residents are offered the freedom to choose what to do, when to do it and who to associate with.

The “House Rules” are kept to an absolute minimum to enable the freedom of choice. These rules are employed only to fulfill statutory requirements, ensure reasonable standards of hygiene, safety and security, prevent undue disturbance of others and if necessary promote rehabilitation.  Smoking is permitted for residents only in the designated smoking room on the main floor.

Domestic routines are necessary for the smooth running of Charnley House but are applied in a friendly, understanding way and offer maximum choice, dignity and privacy to residents.

Living in a community with others requires that our residents should recognize and respond to the needs of others. Within these limitations, however, all residents have the right to self-determination and shall not be regimented or subjected to the rigid routines. The provision of choice is an essential principle.

Residents have the right to refuse to see a visitor and this right is respected.


Privacy is important to everyone and is not less so because one is in residential care. Residents are entitled to their privacy and unnecessary invasion of this right will be avoided. All residents are able to dress, wash and use the toilet in private, even when needing assistance. Residents are able to meet family and friends, doctors, etc… in private if they wish.

Privacy and the desire for solitude at any time, is always respected.


We appreciate that residents may have given up a great deal of their independence to come into a shared living situation like Charnley House.  Residents may prefer to be independent in certain self-care situations in order to maintain dignity and self respect.  This will be encouraged by providing tactful human or technical assistance when needed.  Independence in any task however small will be maintained if possible and will be promoted.  All residents will be assisted to make their own decisions wherever possible.


Charnley House will encourage choice, participation and activity so that residents may achieve their potential physical, intellectual, emotional and social capacities. It is understood that this potential may change over time. Residents will also have the choice to refuse to participate and to remain solitary if they wish, without embarrassing confrontation.

The term ‘activity’ can also be extended to cover self-care thus enabling residents to retain dignity and self-esteem. Watching TV and listening to the radio can be sources of enjoyment and education as well as providing a link to the world.

We appreciate that peoples’ decisions may change over time.  We respect all residents’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversities.


Charnley House will strive to uphold the dignity of residents even though assistance and support may be needed in many ways. Residents will be treated as individuals and their thoughts, beliefs and emotional needs will be respected. Residents have the right to live in a manner and in circumstances which correspond, as far as is possible, with what is normal for those who still live in their own homes.

Our staff are sensitive to the needs, feelings and wishes of the residents. All relationships should be courteous and respectful, hopefully in both directions.

All residents will be called what he/she wishes. It is reasonable to wish to be addressed in different way by different people and this is respected.
We will support resident’s dignity by:

  • Having a zero tolerance of any and all kinds of abuse
  • Supporting people with the same respect you would want for yourself or a family member
  • Treating each person as an individual by offering a personalised service
  • Enabling people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control
  • Listening and supporting people’s right to privacy
  • Ensuring people feel able to complain without fear of retribution
  • Engaging with family members and carers as care partners
  • Assisting people to maintain confidence and a positive self-esteem
  • Acting to alleviate people’s loneliness and isolation



We endeavour to provide a high quality of care service by treating each resident as a special and valued individual.