The Six Senses Framework is a method to provide high quality elderly care.  This was proposed by Sheffield University and is widely recognised as a framework to provide excellent levels of care.

It is split into two distinct yet closely related areas, firstly ways to improve care and second to help residents and carers.

Here at Charnley House Care Home we work closely with the Six Senses Framework in the following ways detailed below.

A Sense of Security

Security is much more than a physical concern, we should feel safe and secure in our home and be free from threat or harm.  However we should not create such a safe environment that peoples own wishes are curtailed or limited.  People should feel safe at all times.  This includes making sure we have suitably qualified and experienced staff at all times and making sure we have access to other health professionals at all times.

A Sense of Belonging

We need to feel part of our community and our environment.  Communal living can be a different experience for many people, but we aim to provide an atmosphere where people can participate as much or as little as they wish.  We work closely with the wider community and residents families to help people maintain relationships with those outside of Charnley House.

A Sense of Continuity

The events in our lives should not be forgotten as our life changes.  As such when we plan care we always take into account peoples life experiences and previous wishes.  Our care is consistent but can react to a residents needs, even if the need for care changes continually.  We aim to allow relationships to thrive here at Charnley House and find that this helps residents see familiar faces.

A Sense of Purpose

People need to have a purpose in their life, as we get older this can effect our view of what our purpose is.  We work closely with our residents to provide person centred care which match the goals of our residents.  Again these goals should be flexible enough to allow for choice.  Maintaining links with family and the wider community is important and helps people maintain their dignity.

A Sense of Achievement

We should feel good when we’ve accomplished something.  As such we aim to provide care which allows for people to take a major part in their own lives.  We have social and leisure events which aim to give people something to strive for and improve upon.

A Sense of Significance

We are all important.  Our care should be directed towards our own personal requirements, and we should be the most significant part of our care.  We should never be just “a number”, but we should be an appreciated and cared for individual.  We offer residents as much control over their environment as we can.