We believe that all residents have the right to live in a manner and in circumstances which correspond, as far as possible, with what is normal for those who still live in their own home. All residents are encouraged to personalise their private rooms and use them for leisure and entertaining. Charnley House strives to be a happy place, where we aim for all residents to have the best quality of life possible and live as full and active a life as their physical and mental conditions allow.

Carer and Resident

Carer and Resident

Long term care is a valuable service to many people.  As we get older we often realise that we may find it difficult to look after ourselves or cannot cope in our own home like we used to.  Physical and emotional care from individual carers or third parties may not meet our needs all day every day.  Especially care at night may be difficult or not forthcoming and can make people feel vulnerable in their own environment.

People may realise that they have reached a stage in their life where companionship and safety becomes very important, and they may not feel the need to look after themselves.  Any of these scenarios can indicate that long term care may be a suitable solution.  We strive to provide long term care in a loving and homely atmosphere with 24 hour trained caring staff, comfortable surroundings, laundry services, a clean home and good food.

We encourage residents to make their rooms their own space, and can accommodate furntiure, pictures, decorations and entertainment.  We do offer fully furnished rooms for those wishing to “travel light”.

We also encourage our staff to listen and to build trusting relationships and friendships. Communal living and the need to accept help with personal tasks can affect the resident’s ability to enjoy the pleasures of being alone and undisturbed.  We aim to retain as much privacy as possible by assisting in intimate situations as discreetly as possible.  We endeavour to help residents exercise the opportunity to participate in a wide range of offered leisure activities if they so wish.  We firmly believe that Homes are for living in!