I would like to take the opportunity to recognise the excellent, considerate approach that I have seen from all of the Charnley House staff towards the residents. – AO

There is a genuine feel of caring right throughout Charnley House.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but my only regret is that we didn’t place Bill with you sooner. – CS

Thank you for all the love and care given to Mum over the last few years.  She couldn’t have been looked after better anywhere! – PB

Regards and appreciation from all my family for the kindness and consideration shown to us, especially my wife, during her stay at your home, and the way you and your staff kept the communication ongoing which was a big help in keeping us involved and informed. – BF

He was always made to feel that although the staff had other residents to deal with, Peter and his needs were always the most important. – JB

I would just like to say a big thank you for all you did for my mother.  I would also like to thank you on behalf of my father.  It wasn’t just the standard of care and attention that impressed me it was also the love and affection that was shown to her.  She was treated like a member of the family by all of you. – PC

At Charnley House we’ve met sympathy and consideration at every turn.  Everyone has listened to our concerns, reassured us and shown us kindness and gentleness. – JB

My grateful thanks for the care and kindness you gave my father at Charnley House, also for the understanding his ‘little ways’. I miss visiting Charnley and having a chat, and a laugh especially with the residents. – BT

Thank you.  You have got me on my feet again and able to return home.  I have been treated with kindness and consideration and nothing has been too much trouble for any of you. – KB

The family want to thank you for the loving care you gave Mum in the time she was with you.  Even though she hated losing her independence and having to go into a home, she loved the staff at Charnley House.  Thank you once again. – VB

We would like to personally thank all of you for the excellent care that you provided. – DB

To all the staff at Charnley House – Thanks, you’re the best!  Thank you so much for looking after and caring for my Mum.  If anyone had to be in a care home, Charnley House is the BEST.  You’ve ALL been great.  Thanks again.  PS Getting my kids to book my place at Charnley House! – JE

I wish to thank you personally for you and your staff’s care of Mom whilst she was with you. – HC

These words were not said lightly.  Charnley House has always been a place where I’ve seen people being treated as individuals; with dignity, with respect, with just the right level of humour, just the right level of firmness and even tenderness.  The atmosphere is homely; the excellent Staff are understanding of each Residents needs and foibles; and enormously patient and diplomatic in their handing of situations. – KH

Living at Charnley House has added years to my Nans life.